FAQs for the contractor

The CRLB is an agency within the Department of Business Regulation’s Division of Building, Design, and Fire Professionals. The CRLB administers and enforces the registration and licensing requirements of contracting professionals, and protects the public by investigating complaints made by homeowners and issuing fines for violations of the general laws, rules, and regulations.

Every contractor and subcontractor in the business of building or repairing structures must register with the CRLB. Anyone who demolishes or moves a residential/commercial structure must also register.

All registrations are valid for one year.

Yes.  Once an application is approved, a printable Contractor Registration certificate is issued directly to the VP account. 

Contractors and subcontractors who do not have a valid registration are prohibited from performing contracting work or obtaining a building permit in any of Rhode Island's 39 cities or towns. In addition, unregistered or unlicensed contractors, upon a finding of violation, are subject to civil and criminal penalties and fines.


Registration is required for contractors.

Licensure is required for home inspectors, associate home inspectors, well-drilling contractors, pump installers, water-filtration contractors, water-filtration installers, underground utility contractors, and commercial roofing contractors.

No, employees do not need to register.  An employee is any person permitted to work by an employer, receives wages, and has taxes withheld. However, if a 1099 is filed, one is considered a subcontractor and must be registered with the CRLB.

No, unless plumbers and electricians are contracting work outside the scope of their license, issued by the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training.

Any owner/occupant of a single family dwelling unit does not need a registration provided that owner occupant undertakes the work without the assistance of others that are compensated. 

A person who works under one contract where labor, materials, and all other items is less than five hundred dollars ($ 500) does not need to register. However, all persons advertising or indicating to the public that they are a contractor, must be registered. 

Yes, $500,000 Certificate of Liability Insurance indicating CRLB as the certificate holder.   Additionally, Certificate of Worker’s Compensation Insurance, indicating CRLB as the certificate holder, must be submitted by applicants with employees.

Business ID# and date of incorporation for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies is required. Search a Rhode Island Secretary of State Business ID #

Persons or businesses who furnish materials, supplies, equipment, etc. and who do not fabricate these supplies or materials do not have to register.

Contractors who work on commercial structures must be registered. 

To perform contracting work in Rhode Island, you must register with CRLB. There is no reciprocity for a contractor's registration.

CRLB is responsible for all aspects of administering and enforcing its laws, rules, and regulations. These powers include the ability to refuse to issue, suspend, or revoke the registration or license, impose fines for violations, and set conditions for reinstatement.

All new and renewal applications, must be submitted online through Viewpoint Cloud. 

Under the CRLB Laws, Rules, and Regulations menu.